Xero integration

Phase 1 of our Xero integration allows merchants to import customers from Xero and automatically create and send emails from payments generated using our One app. Payment statuses are automatically updated in Xero.

Xero integration

Integrating your Wonderful One app with Xero takes a couple of minutes and it will allow you to automatically generate and send invoices from Xero to your clients when you generate an order in your One app. It will even mark the invoice as ‘Paid’ when  your client completes the payment via the QR code or payment link you generate for them.

Integration is a two-step process, first you must give your One app permission to create invoices and payments within your Xero installation. Secondly you must tell the One app how you would like the invoices created.

Integration management

Login to your One app and select ‘Integrations’ from the menu. You will be presented with a page (shown below)  all the integrations you have available, and which ones have been used. You can see in the screenshot below, the wooCommerce token has not been generated and the Xero integration is connected. The right-hand button has a green background for generated/connected integrations, and a white background for unused ones.

When you click on an integration button it will display the settings for that integration. For example, in the next screenshot we can see the WooCommerce settings. A read-only field where the token will be displayed, the ‘copy to clipboard’ icon, the ‘generate’ icon, and the ‘delete’ icon.

Whenever an integration is to be activated by generating a token or establishing a connection with software like Xero, you will be presented with a confirmation message which warns you, you will be charged when you proceed.


  1. You will need to have the login details for your Xero account.
  2. If you have not already set it up, you will need to add the bank account to your Xero. This must be the same account as the one you used to connect your One app to.  Go to Accounting > Bank Accounts and click the ‘Add Bank Account’ button.

Connect to Xero

When you want to connect Xero for the first time you must login to the integrations page and click ‘Connect’

You will then be redirected to Xero’s website to login and authorise the connection between One & your copy of Xero. When complete, you will be redirected back to the integrations page, this time with a ‘Connected’ green button against Xero.

There are a number of settings now available, which must be completed before the Xero integration will work.

The Xero settings will display your company name and your username that you logged into Xero with. In example above the company is ‘Moustachioed Flea’ via Jason Rudland’s login. Also displayed is the Xero username (email address).

Note: Xero allows for multiple companies to be contained within one login. However, for this release of the Xero Integration we are limited to the first company on the Xero account.

Reconnect Button

A Xero connection can be disabled or deleted by actions outside of One. For example you can delete the connection from within Xero. In this case you can click the reconnect button and re-establish the authorisation.

Disconnect Button

This will disconnect One form Xero. Essentially we delete all our authorisations and settings. The connection inside Xero is still active, and you can delete it from Xero, but once you click the delete button in the One app, there is no way for the app to access Xero until you re-authorise it.

Create a Xero Invoice From Orders

When checked, this setting will trigger the Xero invoice to be created when a payment with an associated order is made from the One app. It will also cause other detailed settings to appear. The invoice will not be created if these settings are not in place.

If one of the bank accounts in Xero has the same account number and sort code as the account you used to connect to your One app, it will be displayed here. In the above example, you can see ‘Connected to: Wise Current Account’. If we have not been able to match the bank account you will see an error message in red saying you need to enter the correct bank account in Xero.

Select a Revenue Account

This drop down list will display all the revenue accounts in your Xero. Usually you will simply select ‘Sales’

Select Tax Rate

This drop down will display all the tax rates in Xero. Typically you will select either ‘20%‘ if you are VAT registered, and ‘No Vat’ if you are not. By selecting a non-zero tax rate the invoices will be calculated to assume the line amount on the order is inclusive of VAT, and it will work out the net amounts.

When these settings are complete, whenever you create a payment from an order in the One app a Xero Invoice will be generated. As a different process when your client completes a payment, this will be added to Xero and allocated to the invoice in Xero, marking it as paid.

Sync With Xero Clients

This will run a job overnight to download all your Xero contacts and add them to the app customer list. If you create a new contact in Xero, the next day it should appear in the app.