Do I need online / mobile banking?

The simplest way to make a payment using Wonderful (an Authorised Payment Institution with the Financial Conduct Authority) is via your mobile banking app. Without entering any payee details, we initiate an instant bank payment on your behalf.

Do I need online / mobile banking?

You simply tap to approve the payment in your mobile banking app, where your bank will display clearly the amount you are paying and the recipient. Funds are transferred in real time.

You will need to have registered for online banking with your own bank in order to make a Wonderful payment. This is because the payment itself is approved via your existing banking app or online banking service.

For most consumers and donors, online banking is part-and-parcel of their personal finance management.

If you don't use mobile banking, you can also donate with online banking via a web browser using your desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

Contact your bank directly for help setting up online banking.