Charity registration with Wonderful

You must be registered for at least 18 months with either the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, or the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Charity registration with Wonderful

Charity Commission for England and Wales
Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
Scottish Charity Regulator.

Charity reporting must be up to date with the above bodies.

A charity Governing Document must be provided. This must be a full document and not a certificate. Guidance on what a Governing Document should include can be found here. Please note, you may be able to request a copy of your Governing Document by contacting the body that you are registered with.

You must be registered with a compatible UK bank account to receive donations.

A charity bank statement must be provided. The statement must meet the following requirements:

The bank that the statement belongs to must match what is entered during the application onboarding.

The account and sort code numbers must match what is entered in the application onboarding.

The bank account of the statement must be a charity bank account and not named or belonging to any individual.

The statement must be dated within the last 90 days.

The address on the bank statement must match the address that the charity is registered with on the Charity Commission for England and Wales, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, or Scottish Charity Regulator. If the address does not match, a supporting letter must be attached to your application to explain the reasons for this. This letter must be an official document, headed and signed by a Trustee.

ID Verification

For the security of your charity, its supporters and the Wonderful platform, we may also need to carry out ID verification checks on your charity’s trustees or PSCs (People with Significant Control). If we need to carry out these additional checks we will contact you directly. ID checks are secure and straightforward. The process is handled by Onfido, who also provide this service to organisations like HSBC and Barclays.

Get started

Eligible Charities wishing to join the Wonderful platform can register via the Wonderful charity registration process.