How can I create an event page?

If you are participating in or hosting an event for a charitable cause, we can create an event page for you to appear on

How can I create an event page?

This means that any individual can create a fundraiser and link it to this specific event.

This does not change the donation process or manner of fundraising; it just allows you to have an event page where fundraisers can dedicate their pages specifically to it.

An event page can be linked to a new fundraising page during its creation, in addition to pre-existing pages. We would that recommend that you to link the event page to the fundraising page during creation.

Event pages can be generic with lots of charities being supported (e.g. the London Marathon) or they can be specific to a particular charity, which is useful if the event is being organised by a specific charity.

Fundraising totals

The event page will have a unique fundraising total, combining all donations raised by any pages linked to it. The charity will receive the donations in same manner as any other donation.

Create an event page

If you wish to have an event page created, please complete this form:

Event page creation

When it is completed, we will automatically receive it and can then create the page for you.

We will notify you via email when the page is live.

You can see an example of an event page here.

For any additional support with this, please use the chat widget in the bottom right of the screen, or email support at [email protected].