Distance tracking and Strava

Wonderful fundraisers can set distance goals as part of their fundraising challenge. It might be that you're training for a marathon and want your supporters to see your training progress.

Distance tracking and Strava

Logging your distance

Perhaps you've planned a fundraising challenge with an ambitious distance target.

You can enable distance tracking when you create your fundraising page. Simply select a distance-related category, and tick the 'Log my distance' box.

Editing distance logging

If you need to go back and edit the category, unit or distance goal for your fundraising page, go to 'My Fundraising Pages' > 'Edit' and adjust the setting shown above.

Posting activities

Head to the 'Dashboard' for your fundraising page to post distance-based activities. You have two options for posting activities: you can add them manually via your fundraising account, or you can connect to the free Strava activity tracking app and sync your Strava activities to your fundraising page.

We recommend using Strava as it is easy to record activities such as walks, runs, and bike rides, and each activity will automatically be posted to your fundraising page.

Option 1: Manually add your distances to your event updates

Simply post an event update and specify the activity type, distance covered and duration. This will then add to your distance goal. If you can't see any distance options, you need to edit your fundraising page, select a distance category and enable distance logging (see above).

Note: On 'Dashboard' for your fundraising page, there is also an option te be notified daily by email to update your distance. This includes a quick update button, where you can quickly update your distance each day without having to log into your account:

Option 2: Strava

Strava is a free activity tracking app you can download on your iOS or Android smartphone. Once you've downloaded Strava and created an account, you can connect it to your fundraising page from your 'Dashboard':

You'll be asked to authorise Wonderful.org to connect to your account. Click 'Authorise':

Once this is done, any walks, runs, bike rides, swims, or other activities you record using the Strava app on your smartphone will automatically be posted to your fundraising page and update your distance total.

Activities posted from Strava become updates on your Dashboard. Just like standard updates, Strava updates and can be edited after they've been posted from your 'Previous Updates' table.

If you're having any issues with distance tracking or posting activities you can contact the Wonderful support team at [email protected].