After your fundraising has finished

Once you're nearing the end of your fundraising event you might be wondering what happens after your fundraising event date or end date.

After your fundraising has finished won't close or deactivate your page after your fundraising has finished. Instead it remains publicly available, and anyone visiting the page can still make a donation towards it.

We do this because it is not uncommon for donations to be received after a big event or fundraising period, and the last thing we'd want to do is prevent your chosen charity from receiving further funds.

If you wish, you can deactivate your page manually. When you deactivate your page, the donate button will be removed. The page itself will still exist and be accessible (any links you shared previously will still work) but your page won't be listed on the homepage or on any event pages.

To deactivate your page, go to 'My Fundraising Pages' > 'Deactivate'.